Published work:

Using a Probabilistic Model to Assist Merging of Large-scale Administrative Records. American Political Science Review. Forthcoming. With Ben Fifield and Kosuke Imai. Online appendix is available here

Income inequality and violent crime: Evidence from Mexico's drug war.  Journal of Development Economics. Vol. 120, pp. 128-143 (2016). With Luis F. López-Calva, Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán, and Hernán Winkler

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Crime and growth convergence: Evidence from Mexico. Economics Letters. Vol. 125, No. 1,  pp. 9-13 (2014). With Luis F. López-Calva, Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán.

Working papers:

Active Learning for Probabilistic Record Linkage.

Scaling Data from Multiple Sources: An Application to FOMC Deliberations. With Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma and Marc Ratkovic. Revise and Resubmit at Political Analysis

Validating Self-reported Turnout by Linking Public Opinion Surveys with Administrative Records. With Kosuke Imai. Vote validation data for the 2016 ANES are available here.

The Impact of Electoral Rules on Pre-Electoral Coalitions. 

Preference Falsification and Ethnic Voting in Ghana. With Svetlana Kosterina.

Other writing:

Georgia’s ‘exact match’ law could potentially harm many eligible voters. The Monkey Cage/The Washington Post. 10/20/2018.